naruto role playing
naruto rpg join the naruto world . make a character or be a cannon and go round in your village and have fun. try and rank up in this world and the you can use more jutsu
naruto role playing
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naruto role playing

a naruto role playing game
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new people plz make a account and start rping hi and wellcome to this naruto rpg/fighting this is after naruto vs pain all the beast are free there is only 4 great village's fire water lighting and wind plz tell friemd's
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ok this site is a naruto fighting rpg site things you can do >you can go round the villages and do what you want > you can have a chunin and a jonin exam > fight your way up > have a really good chat > have a good time >rp as much as you want with your site friends > invite all your friends to this site all naruto fans !!
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first tell alll your friend's and family about this site more people more more fun

Basic Rules

-Please respect all other members of the site. This means no, foul language, or being rude. If you have a problem with a user staff or admin , please PM an over admin and they will do what we can to deal with it


if you do not abey the rule it will result in warnings, followed by suspension and then a ban.

threads If you are not a member of staff or a admin and post a topic , your topic will be deleted and you may receive a warning. Certain members may be given special permission to make a topic ..


Please show a staff as much respect as you would a moderator or administrator. all we want to do is just make you all happy
you should vever threaten a admin


This forum is PG-11. Adult content, foul language and anything else above this age rating will be removed and can result in warnings, or an immediate ban. this site is a kid friendy so do not do it .


when posting you should thing about it befor posting as you can not edit it unless in registering this way people can not cheat

so like if your fight then when the next person post's you may change it makeing you win


roleplaying you must be nice when posting. you cannot be more than one place at a time andf when you do leave or come into a topic you must explain how e.g *i walk into the village* you have to stay in character or write ooc which means out of character and then when you are ready to go back in character you must say bic which means back in character.


fighting the fight bit is optional but is mainly about the fighting. if you are getting into a fight in a topic you must say *left the topic for a fight* and then you can make a topic in the fight form. you must fight in rp rg

attack : blablabla

counter blablabla
attack blablabla

counter blablabla
attack blablabla

so there is attack counter and one more ( counter /attack) _ mean just befor the apponent's attack

and it wound go on like that when you start a fight the opponant must respond within 24 hours if they do not res;ond you will win the fight and get points toward going up a level your points will depend on there level. when you post you can not just add things on when you can not get out of being killed , if you want you can leave a fight but only befor your third post

you do noit have to use the fight way just post what you do


Black ops Anbu

the points you get for killing
genin 3
chuunin 5 points
jonin 7 points
high jonnin 9 points
Anbu 13 points

points you have to get to level up

genin to chuunin : 5 point's or some one will tell you that you can have a exam

chuunin to jonin 10 points or someone will tell you that you can have a exam

jonin to high jonin 17 points

high jonin to anbu 25 points

when you level up your points will go down to 0


cannon character you will be able to have all there abilities and rank . you will have to live in the same villages as them in the anime not moving


abilities eg naruto chakra type's and over power's so you would be in a diff body

registering form

looks like
kgs (like if they are in a clan)
weapans (you can only have 1 weapan)
chakra types (will depend on there clan that information will be on the registration form)
history (there background ect)


stay to one character do not change as it can make people confused when looking at your post'd


this is two the puppet clan you can not just use humman puppets you have to kill some one and taken there body so if you fight a jonin rank and take there body thay go down to chunin but you get there jonin body and there chakra type's not there clan


and if you do this to a cannon you just get the chakra not the clan or power's and you can not take there tailed beast this way .


when you want to master the beast power you have to see killer bee and see Jiraiya for summoning this bit is not like the anime
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